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 Olivier Massin

Forthcoming, Brentanian Continua, Brentano Studien.

2017. Is Purple a Red and Blue Chessboard? Brentano on Colour Mixtures (with Hämmerli, M.) The Monist 100 (1):37-63.

2017. The Composition of Forces. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 68 (3):805-846.

2017. Qu’est-ce qu’une fondue ? [What is a fondue?] (with deLibera, A.). In Massin Olivier & Meylan Anne (eds.), Aristote chez les Helvètes. Ithaque.

2013. Determinables and Brute Similarities. In Christer Svennerlind, Jan Almäng & Rögnvaldur Ingthorsson (eds.), Johanssonian Investigations. Ontos Verlag.


Damiano Costa

2017. The Limit Decision Problem and Four-dimensionalism .Vivarium 55 (1-3), 199-216.

2017. The Transcendentist Theory of Persistence. The Journal of Philosophy 114 (2)57-75.

2016. Relativity and Three Four-Dimensionalisms. (with C. Calosi and C. Gilmore) Philosophy Compass 11(2):102-120.

2016. In Defence of Transcendentism. (with A. Giordani) Acta Analytica 31(2): 225-234.


Claudio Calosi

Forthcoming. Quantum Monism. An Assessment. Philosophical Studies.

Forthcoming. Failure or Boredom. The Pendulum of Composition is Identity. American Philosophical Quarterly.

2017. On the Possibility of Submergence, Analysis 3: 501-511.

2016. Composition is Identity and Mereological Nihilism, The Philosophical Quarterly 66: 219-235.

2016. An Elegant Universe, Synthese: 1-16.

2016. Humean Supervenience, Composition as Identity and Quantum Wholes (with M. Morganti), Erkenttnis 81 (6): 1173-1194.

2016. Relativity and Three Four-dimensionalisms (with C. Gilmore, D. Costa), Philosophy Compass 11 (2): 102-120.

2016. Composition, Identity and Emergence, Logic and Logical Philosophy25: 429-443.

2016. Back to Black (with A. Varzi), Ratio 29(1): 1-10.



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